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Hi, my name is Lili Koos. Working with jewellery in the past 7 years and as a designer in the past 3 has taught me that no matter what you work on, each project is different and unique in it’s own way.

The clients, the audience and the design relate to each other and create a meaningful aesthetic piece.


LIKO x Ridikül TV Interview Duna TV Hungary

Check out Lili in a recent interview in Ridikül TV Show talking with other young entrepreneurs and professionals about their work and everyday life.

LIKO X Start Up Safari Budapest

Come and check out Lili’s presentation among many others during the Start Up Safari days.

Time: 2018.04.18. 10-10.30am
Location: Kubik Coworking – Budapest
Tickets and registration: https://budapest.startupsafari.com/tickets/

New Lifestyle Photo shoot with LIKO Jewellery

Check out our autumn lifestyle pictures including the Sand Storm Collection.  

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